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    ELANSE provides a professional, specialist high level interior and exterior cleaning service covering the Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex areas. Our service provides an alternative cost effective way to survey and clean your building thoroughly. This is carried out safely from ground level up to a height of 40 feet/12 metres and of course anything below that. We utilise the latest digital live camera technology to carefully inspect results before and after which adds to the quality and helps maintain a consistently high standard of work.

    We carry this out without the need for expensive cumbersome scaffolding, cherry pickers, scissor lifts or ladders. Our footprint is extremely small as we clean through a building so there is minimal upheaval and no need to move work stations, desks or benches in crowded office building or factories. We also work much faster as we don’t need to set up and constantly move large equipment which slows things down considerably. We operate fluidly and efficiently through any type of work that’s required.

    Our cleaning system offers many advantages for our customers:

    Specialist thorough cleaning at high level

    Inspection camera technology for precision cleaning

    Cleaning up to up to 40ft, 12 metres

    No cherry pickers, scissor lifts, scaffolding or ladders

    Very small carbon footprint

    Easier cleaning control for high areas with dust and cobwebs

    Little or no upheaval to businesses

    Everything is done from the ground

    Save money!

    From ground level:
    Quicker, Safer & Cost-effective!

    If you require a safe solution for high level cleaning in Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex then please contact us! We clean many different interiors and exteriors of buildings such as office buildings, retail buildings, factories, car showrooms, schools, universities, laboratories, pharmaceutical premises and hospitals along with many more.

    Our STANDARD RATE is £800 a day week days only (different rates apply for weekends) which includes travel. If you require a more bespoke pricing structure then contact us for a FREE site visit and no obligation quotation.

    This solution to cleaning out-of-reach high level areas could save you a lot of disruption and potentially a lot of money each year so please contact us now, we’ll be happy to contact you straight away!

    Looking for the best cleaning service for your business?

    Looking for the best cleaning service for your business?