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    Effective, professional Carpet cleaning with ELANSE

    ELANSE also offers an exceptional carpet cleaning service in Hampshire, Dorset, Salisbury, West Sussex and surrounding areas, focusing on providing immediate carpet cleaning solutions to a range of different businesses. This can be booked as a one-off clean or is offered as an additional service for contract cleans!

    Whichever option is right for you, we strive to offer cost-effective, high-quality cleaning that’s suitable for any building. We use the latest technology to minimise water waste and effectively purge your carpets of the hidden dirt that resides in them. Check out our blog for more information about the horrors that can hide within your carpet (if you dare!) and then call us to find out about how we can help!

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    We offer a unique free site survey that allows us to identify the most effective cleaning solutions for your individual building and are happy to discuss your carpet needs then.

    We work with businesses explicitly to offer our carpet cleaning services in a manner that doesn’t greatly impact their day-to-day business. It’s not just our cleaning standards that set us apart from other cleaning companies; it’s also our attention to detail, our affordable cleaning rates, and advanced cleaning equipment. We’re so confident in our professional cleaning abilities that we’ll happily discuss your cleaning needs for free. 

    Choose ELANSE for your carpet cleaning solutions, whether you’re looking for a one-off deep cleaning service or you think you would benefit from regular cleaning that keeps your business presentable and hygienic.

    If you’re looking for the perfect carpet cleaning team for your company’s needs in Hampshire, Dorset, West Sussex or Salisbury, get in touch for a free quote now!

    why we're experts in what we do

    Reliable, efficient and professional cleaning team

    Advanced, environmentally-friendly cleaning equipment

    Experienced in cleaning all types of business buildings

    No cherry pickers, scissor lifts, scaffolding or ladders

    Very small carbon footprint

    We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional, high quality cleaning

    Little or no upheaval to businesses

    Everything is done from the ground

    Cost-effective cleaning!

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