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IELANSE also serves as a factory cleaning company in Hampshire, Dorset, Salisbury, West Sussex and surrounding areas, focusing on providing exceptional factory cleaning solutions to a range of different businesses. We deliver professional deep cleaning, factory floor cleaning, high level cleaning and window cleaning along with a number of other bespoke services. 

Whether you want to invest in a long-term factory-cleaning contract, or a one-off deep clean; we strive to offer cost-effective, high-quality cleaning that’s suitable for any building – from an entire warehouse to sanitising food factories. As with any professional cleaning service, keeping health and safety in mind is key and within factory cleaning, there is an increased need to adhere to safety standards and regulations. 

We also specialise in delivering high-level cleaning and often utilise it within our factory cleaning services thanks to its thorough and effective capabilities.

High-level cleaning isn’t the only time we make good use of specialist cleaning equipment, and we understand better than most just how vital high standard equipment can be when tackling industrial-grade cleaning jobs. As well as rigorously cleaning food factories, we also understand the other important areas involved in typical factory cleaning jobs. These tasks can often include removing old cladding and giving due attention to production lines, as specialist cleaning solutions are essential within any food production environment.

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We offer a unique free site survey that allows us to identify the most effective factory cleaning solutions for your individual building. 

We work with businesses, warehouses and factories explicitly to offer our deep cleaning services in a manner that doesn’t greatly impact their day-to-day business. It’s not just our cleaning standards that set us apart from other factory cleaning companies; it’s also our attention to detail, our affordable cleaning rates, and advanced cleaning equipment. We’re so confident in our professional cleaning abilities that we’ll happily discuss your cleaning needs for free. 

Choose ELANSE for your factory cleaning solutions, whether you’re looking for a one-off deep cleaning service or you think you would benefit from regular cleaning that keeps your factory inline with strict health and safety regulations.

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Little or no upheaval to businesses

Everything is done from the ground

Cost-effective cleaning!

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