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    specialist car showroom cleaning services

    Here at ELANSE we understand that specialist spaces require specialist cleaning services, which is why we offer exceptional, high-quality car showroom cleaning across Dorset, Hampshire, West Sussex and Salisbury.

    Our expert car showroom cleaners have years of experience working within these specialist environments, allowing them to deliver truly bespoke cleaning services  Not only do we cater to your company’s personal needs, but we also pride ourselves on our environmentally-conscious efforts that are key to ELANSE’s unique values as a cleaning company.  

    Whether it’s regularly keeping your car showroom spotlessly clean, conducting a deep clean of your workshop, or providing specialist high level cleaning; our cleaning services for car showrooms ensure your working environment is always sanitary, safe and above all else; sparkling clean.



    Car showroom cleaning services can involve any level of cleaning requirements, which is why we always like to comprehensively discuss your cleaning needs. We can combine our skills from office cleaning, workshop cleans, high level cleaning and more to create a showroom to be proud of. We appreciate the value of the vehicles being sold and know how to exceed the expectations of your highly valued customers.

    Ikon are confident that we can provide the highest standard of cleaning in your area. Choose us for your car showroom requirements; we always give you a free quote for contract cleaning, as well as providing a free site survey. 

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    Professional, expert cleaning team with years of experience

    Environmentally-friendly equipment and services

    We're able to adapt to meet your individual business' needs

    No cherry pickers, scissor lifts, scaffolding or ladders

    Very small carbon footprint

    Our services are always delivered to the highest standard

    Little or no upheaval to businesses

    Everything is done from the ground

    Affordable without compromising on quality!

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