Earth Day

With Earth Day coming up this week we wanted to take a minute to reflect on our part in helping conserve and restore the environment. ELANSE has always had environmentalism at the heart of our business, as we know all too well just how important it is to take action now. Every person, every business, and every industry has a role to play in minimising environmental impact and we are no exception!

Cleaning may not seem immediately like it can make a huge difference, but by working towards a common goal with other industries we are building a more sustainable future for Earth. At a local level, we at ELANSE not only conscientiously minimise our environmental impact but we support our partners in doing the same (whilst reducing their costs- win win!)

Here are some ways we at ELANSE ensure we are protecting the planet:

Encouraging Recycling

It may seem simple but appropriate recycling is one of the best things you can do for the environment. Dropping some paper into the normal bin might rack you with guilt when you realise hours later, but most of the time this can be resorted before being taken by one of our conscientious staff to its final destination. We also work with companies to ensure that recycling facilities are appropriate on site. Sadly it is the case in some places that recycling bins may be offered inside a building but no recycling facilities are actually available, meaning that everything goes to landfill. Thankfully, our partners are as environmentally focused as we are but if this is happening to your business get in touch to see how we can help!

Minimal water use

Water is a luxury that we often forget about. Water Shortages will become more and more common as climate change worsens, so it is important to take any action possible to conserve water now. Warnings from leading experts show that due to a combination of climate change and population growth, the UK will face water shortages in the next 20-25 years at the current rate of consumption. That’s why we invest in smarter equipment that is proven to reduce the need for water- for example by using microfibre cloths and flat mops (which have been shown in studies to use 12x less water than their counterparts). 

Reduced chemicals

Chemicals are never good, they get into water systems and act as pollutants. Sadly, whilst “eco-chemicals” are available these are generally ineffective for the cleaning on an industrial level and will not be effective at killing bacteria or viruses, as is crucial currently. Whilst we keep an eye on the latest developments in this area, for now we are committed to using as small an amount of chemical as possible and only doing so when necessary. Our staff are trained to make sure no chemical wastage occurs- this helps the environment but also makes for better cleaning as chemicals are just not needed when dealing with certain tasks!

Reusable equipment

I have mentioned our microfibre cloths and flat head mops already, but they are such stars when it comes to the environment they needed their own section! Instead of using one sponge or cheap cloth to clean a small area before it disintegrates and has to be thrown away, we invested in microfibre technology from the start of ELANSE and years later the cloths are still going strong (obviously with plenty of runs through a washing machine). The microfibres mean that less chemical and water is needed too- plus they clean deeper than a regular cloth. The science is on our side for this one, being environmentally friendly just makes sense!

No single use plastics

We hate to throw things away, it is bad for the planet (and bad for our customers’ pockets) so we try to find smart solutions to help. Single use plastics are an environmental catastrophe and completely unnecessary, so we use as many reusable items as possible. Our chemicals can be decanted from the bulk storage and smaller bottles reused hundreds of times. Also, we make sure that bin liners are only replaced when necessary to avoid generating more waste than needed. 

There is a long way to go until Earth Day can happily end its mission but we are pleased to support it until that day comes. If you have any more suggestions for action ELANSE can take we would love to hear from you in the comments. If you are looking for cleaning and want a company that is not only effective but environmentally conscious, please do not hesitate to contact us

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