Covid-19 has made it more essential than ever to ensure your workers and customers are protected with excellent cleaning.

As we return to our new normal, the government has recommended that cleaning needs to become the most important part of your business. In order to keep your staff and customer safe your business needs thorough and regular cleans. This means not only regular deep cleans but having staff on hand day to day to clean your public and private spaces.

We are here to help through:

  • Investment in new technologies, including fogging
  • Use of virucidal chemicals that will kill Covid-19
  • Extensive staff training and provision of PPE to ensure our staff are safe and prepared
  • Months of research into the best methods to tackle the virus
  • Over 10 years of experience in the industry leading to a genuine passion to help

Our dedicated team has the expertise, skills, and training to effectively clean your workplace and reduce your chances of catching the virus. This is one of the key ways to reduce the spread of the virus and keep people safe. Whilst there is no conclusive estimate as to how long Covid-19 can live on a surface, the current thought is at least 2 days. The only way to reduce this risk is appropriate cleaning of all potentially affected areas.

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