ELANSE exemplifies the future of cleaning: intelligent, passionate, and sustainable.

Our Story

ELANSE was formed after we identified that the majority of contractors within the cleaning industry offered little or no value for money due to their complacent attitude towards their customers; reflected in poor reliability, poor communication, and poor standards of hygiene that they deem acceptable. 

Our Mission

We proudly invest in the latest technologies which benefit the environment. We train our cleaning staff in hygiene levels as set out by the British Institute of Cleaning Sciences (BICS) the recognised industry body to standard certification levels 1&2. Our management team is hands-on, and always around to assist our staff  and ensure the highest possible service every day.

Our Work

We excel in a range of areas, and offer a multitude of services for whatever your company may need. These include: regular cleaning, deep cleans, high quality car valeting, and C&D drivers. We are happy to discuss further responsibilities and are dedicated to business development.



It is our philosophy as a business that we innovate and adapt to improve our impact on your environment in the products and technologies we use when we carry out your cleaning.

We utilise the latest microfibre technologies and steam cleaning equipment to clean, negating the need for a lot of traditional chemicals. We make permanently redundant the use of chemicals such as glass cleaners and furniture polishes on tables, internal windows, and desks. This is a positive duty of care to our customers and their employees and visitors who suffer from allergies. 

By switching to flat mops from the industry standard Kentucky mop we save an average of 12 buckets of water per clean- making a massive difference not just to the environment but to your water bills! They also hold less dirt than other mops, an all round better alternative.

By almost completely removing chemicals from the environment, it reduces both ours and our respective companies’ environmental footprints, further helped by the reduced use of diesel in transportation to site as there is much less chemical weight.

We are dedicated to working towards a more sustainable future when we partner with a company, and have the passion and experience to actively reduce the environmental impact of your cleaning.