The Environment

"It is our philosophy as a business that we innovate and adapt to improve our impact on your environment in the products and technologies we use when we carry out your cleaning".

We utilise the latest microfibre technologies and steam cleaning equipment to clean your building negating the need for a lot of traditional chemicals. We make permanently redundant the use of chemicals such as glass cleaners and furniture polishes on tables, internal windows and desks. This a positive duty of care to our customers and their employees and visitors who suffer from allergies.

By almost completely removing chemicals from the environment, it reduces our respective companies’ environmental footprints and the use of diesel in transportation to site as there’s much less chemical weight.
Ikon provide a range of cleaning options for large offices, car showrooms or specialist cleaning.
We also specialise in high level cleaning and cleaning of educational facilities such as schools and colleges.
"an environment to be proud of"
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“Our belief is that modern commercial premises can be cleaned using the latest technologies, reducing the use of chemicals which improves the environment”
Most cleaning companies use traditional chemicals, polishes, glass cleaners, dolly mops and Kentucky mops. They actually slow the cleaning down as they are cumbersome to use, need vast amounts of water and build up chemical residue which then needs cleaning from desks and floors as skin oils (sweat), and dust adhere to them. Over a year the time that’s wasted in replicating cleaning tasks could have been spent productively cleaning everything properly and not just doing the basics.